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Ecologic Designs is an industry leader in transforming recycled, upcycled, repurposed and renewed materials into custom bags and accessories, built in the USA. 



Founded in 2005, Ecologic Designs was conceived in order to offer a progressive solution for product design and manufacturing. As a design consultant working in the consumer housewares, luggage and appliance markets, Founder & CEO Davidson Lewis had a unique window into traditional product life-cycles and the manufacturing process. In his experience, there seemed to be a general disregard for real, comprehensive life-cycle assessments in these industries. Consumer products were being designed, manufactured and then discarded at an alarming rate. Over time he developed a moral concern for conventional manufacturing practices. Determined to provide positive contributions to the design and manufacturing worlds, he established the Ecologic Designs brand to focus on designing and manufacturing products as environmentally friendly as possible.

With an increasing focus on sewn consumer products, our team saw an opportunity to design products that promoted sustainable living through use, as well as be made from materials that would offer environmental solutions. Fascinated by the idea of diverting excess materials into new products, a manufacturing model around “upcycling” was created. This meant, a material otherwise discarded as waste could be repurposed or reused in a way that enabled it to became more valuable. An example: taking an expired vinyl banner or billboard advertisement and giving it a second life through upcycling into a tote bag. The result is a functional product and an extention of that marketing message.


Seeing the public demand for sustainable ideas, led by the burgeoning local and sustainable foods movement, Ecologic Designs created a way for companies to seamlessly and effortlessly repurpose their product and promotional waste into valuable upcycled consumer goods. Alternatively, if a company didn’t have its own material to use for a project, Ecologic Designs provided sustainably-sourced, repurposed materials (such as vinyl banners, bicycle tubes, etc.) to meet a particular client’s goals. The effect this has had is clear: While both parties contribute to creating a more environmentally friendly product, your business effectively shapes its identity alongside public demand for an environmentally sustainable future.

ED-Nike-messenger-bag-bannerThe volume of interest garnered by our initial and continued efforts has generated a powerful incentive to practice what we preach. Residing in the center of entrepreneurial powerhouse Boulder, Colorado, where there are more startups per capita than anywhere else in the country, we see the importance of a business model with a firm, triple-bottom line approach. Triple-bottom line implies an emphasis on people and planet, compared to a specifically profit driven bottom-line. As a result, our mission is to design, manufacture, and distribute environmentally friendly products with the least possible negative impact on people and the planet. In offering our services, we promote the opportunity for other businesses to participate in that movement as well.


In 2007, Ecologic Designs launched a very focused consumer brand, Green Guru Gear, with the intention of offering consumers an environmentally friendly alternative to the bicycle bags and accessories currently on the market. Since inception, Green Guru has established itself as a highly anticipated addition to the bicycle products industry, with an increasing reputation as innovators in sustainable bike accessories and community advocacy. Like all our products at Ecologic Designs, Green Guru's line of bags and bicycle accessories are produced using high quality new and upcycled materials, with the utmost attention toward style, functionality and durability.

In addition to offering consumers a unique line of attractive bags and accessories, Green Guru Gear has established community-oriented upcycling stations for select non-recyclable materials. Here, individuals can contribute by upcycling old bike tubes, banners, wetsuits, climbing ropes, scrap fabrics, and tents to locations conveniently located near outdoor and recreational retail stores. The result: 26,000 pounds of bike tubes alone were diverted from landfills in 2014.  


Green Guru has been a great opportunity for the designers here at Ecologic Designs to incorporate our strong sustainability ethos into a consumer line. One that sends a clear message about our design capabilities. We see ourselves as a group of commited environmental advocates who remain actively involved in outdoor recreation and stewardship, and generally love being outdoors. As a result we wouldn't make anything that we couldn't feel comfortable taking with us on our own personal adventures. That's why we encourage new visitors and potential clients to visit the Green Guru website to see for themselves the level of craftsmanship employed in both our exciting brands. 


Perhaps most importantly, our work has endowed us the opportunity to partner with other organizations to effectively create a global network for change. Together, with businesses and organizations of all sizes and interests, we’ve been able to work to increase awareness in the business community of many alternative manufacturing practices. We seek to instill practices that can increase the triple-bottom line within your organization, while giving you the ability to make a statement to your customers and employees about your company's intent. Trek-Bike-Tubes-upcycled-into-zipper-pouchesWith an ever expanding wealth of knowledge and experience, we see our future as a continued reflection of our ambitions. The increasing necessity for material diversion by consumers and industry is what drives us to implement new methods in order to divert more materials. Subsequently, we will continue to innovate new and unique designs that serve to represent our passion for the craft. Our continued mission will always be to create positive change through the diversion of materials away from landfills and other waste facilities. In addition, we aim to offer materials a more valuable second life than their first. With you, we are able to re-define what waste really means. Is waste a necessary component of the manufacturing process? Or does it offer the possibility to extend our bottom lines beyond a single-minded pursuit? Should billboard advertisements only exist in the air? Or can they be worn and carried around as statements alluding to your brand’s commitment to ecological solutions?

Just think, every product we make helps divert materials that would have otherwise gone to the landfill or in many cases the incinerator. With you, we are able to save (literally) tons of material waste just by utilizing this ecological approach. Ecologic Designs not only offers materials the chance at a second life, it also creates a conversation piece about sustainability and environmental advocay for the user. We hope to engage in that dialogue with you and help you create change with your next product or promotional item purchase.



 The "Ecological" Solution

Traditional manufacturing focuses on high-output production. What happens to excess fabric, trim or damaged goods often isn’t seriously considered. Fortunately, those practices are changing as awareness for the environment grows. Materials that Ecologic Designs repurposes include vinyl billboards, banners, climbing ropes, wetsuits, bike inner tubes, industrial packaging, scrap fabrics, defective products, and more.

Patagonia-wetsuit-upcycling-recycling-cozie-bannerUpcycled Vinyl bags produced from previously used vinyl billboards became an obvious way to make a big impact. Each year over 25 million square meters, or roughly 10,000 tons, of billboard fabric waste is generated in the US alone. What can seem merely a temporary tool for marketing your product in a desired location, can in fact be repurposed into a mobile marketing machine. By repurposing your vinyl billboards into upcycled bags, totes, and other wearable accessories, you extend the life-cycle of your previous ad campaigns and attract beneficial public dialogue about your company's sustainability efforts.

Container-Store-Billboards-upcycled-into-tote-bagsNot only have we maintained a desire to create jobs in our community, we have established a means to promote the importance of green jobs within the local business environment. In keeping with the legacy of high-quality outdoor bags and accessories, we’ve been able to add our mark by encouraging other businesses to adapt the benefits of local, sustainable, green jobs.


The New Face of Manufacturing

Quality with minimal waste is the objective at Ecologic Designs. Expending less energy is a tangible outcome, and domestic production cuts the impact of transportation associated with offshore production. Ecologic Designs asserts a belief both in responsible stewardship and in the creation of world-class products. Sourcing environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing locally means we're creating a model that's healthier for people and the planet. We focus on utilizing upcycled, repurposed, and recycled materials in our custom product manufacturing in order to give your business access to sustainable initiatives, as well as increase business awareness towards sustainable promotional models.

With over ten years experience, we’ve seen the benefits that our services can have for companies who promote their sustainability through annual reports and eco-campaigns. Together we can deliver real, measurable change to the promotional products industry while also delivering a message to the public about the impact of forward-thinking businesses. We are essentially creating the new face of manufacturing.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

We attain high levels of sustainability through constant innovation and evaluation. To measure our sustainability, we invested in Global Reporting Initiative's Corporate Sustainability Report, which received an A+, the best possible rating. We are also B-Corp Certified, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We have also been a member of Green America (formerly Co-Op America) since Earth Day of 2007.

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