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Founded in 2005, Ecologic Designs was a pioneer in the sustainable promotional products industry. Committed to creating sustainably- and ethically- produced products, we build all our products from repurposed materials here in the USA. Sourcing environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing locally means we're creating a model that's healthier for people and planet. We focus on utilizing upcycled, repurposed, and recycled materials in our custom product manufacturing.




The "Ecological" Solution

Traditional manufacturing focuses on high-output production. What happened to excess fabric, trim or damaged goods wasn’t seriously considered. Fortunately, those practices are changing as awareness for the environment grows. Materials that Ecologic Designs repurposes include vinyl billboards, banners, climbing ropes, wetsuits, bike inner tubes, industrial packaging, scrap fabrics, defective products, and more.


The New Face of Manufacturing

Quality with minimal waste is the objective at Ecologic Designs. Expending less energy is a tangible outcome, and domestic production cuts the impact of transportation associated with offshore production. Ecologic Designs asserts a belief both in responsible stewardship and in the creation of world-class products.

We divert materials like outdated banners and scrap fabrics from the landfill, repurposing them into valuable products for our clients and reducing their environmental impact.


The Commitment to Sustainability

We attain high levels of sustainability through constant innovation and evaluation. To measure our sustainability, we invested in Global Reporting Initiative's Corporate Sustainability Report, which received an A+, the best possible rating. We are also B-Corp Certified, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We have also been a member of Green America (formerly Co-Op America) since Earth Day of 2007.

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