Dog Collar

Odell Brewing Company Dog Collars

Ecologic Designs is very lucky to work with one of the the local Breweries in Fort Collins, Colorado. Odell Brewing Company has dedicated its brewing process to be sustainable in every way they can. Currently they are working on both large scale – energy efficiency and water consumption / reuse - and small scale –  waste and […]

Strap to attach Clif Bars to your Bike

Newly Designed strap to attach Clif Bars to the frame of your Bike

Clif Bar came to Ecologic Designs with the task of creating a light-weight method for carrying Clif Bars while biking. Clif Bar was initially envisioned on the “Epiphany Ride” in which, Gary Erickson rode far too long and decided he couldn’t eat one more Powerbar. Ecologic Designs was beyond excited to produce a custom upcycled product for Clif Bar- […]

Glass Bottle Carrier

Blue Bottle Love/ Symbluology project making bottle slings

Blue Bottle Love is an astounding group that is creating transformative products. The Blue Glass bottles are handmade in Italy and sandblasted here in the USA to minimize transport. Once you have one you will never need to buy a harmful plastic bottle again. In order to make these glass bottles easier to transport during daily […]

Cosmetics bag by Ecologic Designs

Custom Aveda Cosmetics Belt by Ecologic Designs and Fairware

Aveda was looking to align its company values towards a responsible, environmentally conscious way of representing itself. Aveda went to Fairware, a group who produces sustainable promotional goods in search of a cosmetic belt that could be used to store salon products and hair brushes. Fairware contacted Ecologic Designs for collaboration on the cosmetic belt and there couldn’t […]

Under-seat Bike Bag by Google

Google Under-Seat Bike Bag

We recently collaborated with Google- one of the most dynamic companies in the world. Being the progressive company they are, Google wanted to offer some sustainable products in their stores. Ecologic Designs helped them achieve this end by designing an under-seat bike bag, made from upcycled bike inner tubes and decorated with the Google logo. We were […]

Messenger Bag for Montana State University

Messenger Bag for Montana State University

In December, Ecologic Designs had the privilege of collaborating with Fairware to create custom messenger bags for the engineering department at Montana State University. Ecologic Designs was selected for this project because of our low environmental impact, domestic manufacturing, and durable designs. We used upcycled bike inner tubes from local bike shops to create these awesome messenger […]

NNTMA Messenger Bag

NNTMA Banners Upcyled into Custom Products

                    For this project we had the opportunity of working with North Natomas Transportation Management Association. NNTMA had used banners to broadcast their message about transportation, and they wanted to find a great second life for the vinyl. Like many of our clients, they knew such […]

Friends of the High Line Tote bag

Friends of the High Line Billboards into Tote Bags

This was an exciting project Ecologic Designs did for Friends of the High Line– we converted their outdated billboards into new, unique, and creative tote bags. The High Line is an elevated old rail line, transformed into a public park on Manhattan’s West Side. To spread the word about this new park, High Line Art commissioned […]