Messenger bag for SFNTC

Messenger Bags for Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co.

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company was founded on principles of quality, authenticity and environmental sustainability. At the time, our vision of an additive-free tobacco product was revolutionary.  -SFNTC      Santa Fe Nautral Tobacco Company came to Ecologic Designs looking for a messenger bag that they could give to their employees as a token of […]

Tote for Aimes Iowa

Ames Convention Center Custom Tote bag

Businesses in Ames, Iowa have been nation leaders in: energy and water conservation, transportation, waste reduction, indoor and outdoor environmental quality, carbon footprint, and community engagement.  For the past 150 years, Ames businesses have made smart choices when it comes to sustainability efforts. Now, businesses are encouraged to help celebrate our city’s sesquicentennial by making an additional […]

WAllet for GW University

Wallet for George Washington University; Upcycled, Sustainable, Custom

Ecologic Designs was contacted by George Washington University to create sustainable, environmentally friendly, up-cycled Wallets celebrating 4 years of change at the The Estelle and Melvin Gelman Library. Produced from up-cycled vinyl banners from GW's campus, anyone can take home a piece of GW history.    Ecologic Designs handmade several hundred wallets to be sold at GWU.

Aveda Zip Pouch

Custom made, Up-cycled, Zipper Pouches for Aveda and Fairware

  Previously, Ecologic Designs and Fairware partnered up on the Custom Aveda cosmetics belt- which saw immense success with cosmetic workers. Fairware has come back to Ecologic Designs for additional promotional products, this time designing a small zipper pouch with loop to organize products for Aveda workers.  Ecologic Designs has up-cycled this zipper pouch from repurposed bicycle innertubes and attached […]

Simple Energy Messenger Bag

Simple Energy Messenger Bags

Simple Energy, a local Boulder company, is looking to revolutionize energy consumption, and ultimately save us money from inefficiency. Simple Energy utilizes a streamlined, intuitive, adaptable program to motivate individuals to reduce their impact on the climate.  Normative comparisons, social norms, rewards, loss aversion and goal setting are all employed to increase motivation and reduce energy-waste. The program learns […]

Dog Collar

Odell Brewing Company Dog Collars

Ecologic Designs is very lucky to work with one of the the local Breweries in Fort Collins, Colorado. Odell Brewing Company has dedicated its brewing process to be sustainable in every way they can. Currently they are working on both large scale – energy efficiency and water consumption / reuse – and small scale –  waste and […]

Strap to attach Clif Bars to your Bike

Newly Designed strap to attach Clif Bars to the frame of your Bike

Clif Bar came to Ecologic Designs with the task of creating a light-weight method for carrying Clif Bars while biking. Clif Bar was initially envisioned on the “Epiphany Ride” in which, Gary Erickson rode far too long and decided he couldn’t eat one more Powerbar. Ecologic Designs was beyond excited to produce a custom upcycled product for Clif Bar- […]

Blue bottle Love

Blue Bottle Love/ Symbluology project making bottle slings

Blue Bottle Love is an astounding group that is creating transformative products. Click Here to Read More! The Blue Glass bottles are handmade in Italy and sandblasted here in the United States. Once you have one you will never need to buy a harmful plastic bottle again. In order to make these glass bottles easier to […]