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patagonia_logo1 “I had a decent amount of wetsuits and material that we were unable to sell because of fabric quality. I had been looking for a company that could up-cycle them for me and within a day I had a response. In a week I had three different products. The response has been overwhelming. These guys really have focused in on a niche that companies can benefit from and consumers can feel good about.”
-Jason McCaffrey, Surf Division Manager, Patagonia


“Our client, San Francisco International Airport (SFO), is committed to drastically reducing their environmental impact over the next decade. With the help of Ecologic Designs, we were able to recycle the vinyl from street banners previously hanging at the airport and create some beautiful tote bags and portfolio covers. SFO loved the idea! Instead of dumping old banner vinyl in the landfill somewhere, we were able to use it to create items that people can use over and over again. You gotta love that! It was a pleasure working with the folks at Ecologic Designs, and I can't wait to make more cool stuff in the future!"
-Tom Gilhuley, Senior Production Manager, The M-Line





“When we committed to using billboard space to promote our Team Wonderbike program as a public service announcement, the deciding factor was our ability to turn the sign materials into usable bike messenger bags through Ecologic Designs. They helped walk us through the process, turned everything around in a timely fashion and they were super accommodating throughout. In the end, we got a bike advocacy message out to hundreds of thousands of Denver motorists and produced more than 300 bike messenger bags for our Team Wonderbike members. It was a great campaign with virtually no waste.” 
-Bryan Simpson, New Belgium Brewing








“The Container Store introduced a reusable Custom Shoulder Tote made of recycled billboard material for $29.99. "Sales have been amazing," says Mona Williams, who oversees the buying department. "Consumer attitudes toward reusables have radically changed. It's not a fad. It's a lifestyle change."
-Mona Williams, President of Buying, The Container Store






“Ecologic Designs has been a superb partner for us, serving as a reliable destination for upcycling some of our old point of sale and trade show materials as well as a small amount of unsellable product. They represent the leading edge of companies who are transforming what was traditionally viewed as "waste" into excellent new products. We've done several projects together, including one product reclamation effort in 2007. We ended up with a fair amount of manufactured backpacks that were unsellable. We didn't want these flawed products in the marketplace as they would not have served our customers properly. But neither did we want them in a landfill somewhere. Ecologic Designs took all of them and upcycled and/or recycled almost everything – over 3,400 pounds of product materials, 125 pounds of paper, 200 pounds of plastic, and 1,300 pounds of corrugated cardboard – was diverted from the landfill. A large amount of original materials are repurposed into useful new products."
-Kim Coupounas, Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer, GoLite


“The Wetsuit Reclamation program created by Ocean First Divers and Ecologic Designs has not only saved countless wetsuits from finding their way to landfills, but has also provided an immediate economic incentive for the dive industry. Customers feel empowered participating in green initiatives and our trade-in credit for old neoprene has stimulated sales of new wetsuits. This program has generated a lot of interest within the industry and expanding it to a national level would be a huge step in shifting the paradigm towards more conscientious and responsible business practices.”
-Graham Casden, First Executive Officer, Ocean First Divers


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