Adams County Fair Red Tote Bag Ecologic Designs

Adam’s County Converts County Fair Banners Into Stylish New Tote Bags

  Summer is the season for the annual county fair, but come winter what's to be done with all those banners?    Adam's County, located Northeast of Denver, made the concious decision to repurpose those old banners into stylish new tote bags.    This fall, Adam's County representatives came to Ecologic Designs with the intention to […]

Recover Brands 100% Recycled Apparel, Now They have Cozies Made from 100% Recycled Wet Suit Material

Recover Brands manufactures 100% recycled apparel out of recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton. Products include t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories. Their mission is to make the entire manufacturing process as ecologically friendly and socially responsible as possible by eliminating dyes and greatly reducing chemical, water and energy use. Not only do they achieve high levels of eco-responsibility, but they do it […]


Eco-Products Cup Holder Keeps Bio Plastic cups safe from the sun

Eco-Products is another Boudler based company that we really enjoy working with. For years now they've been pioneers in sustainable disposables, innovating in a field that directly impacts consumer waste habits throughout the country. They supply a variety of industries with biopolymer and post consumer recycled cups, containers, lids, utensils and more. Ultimately, they recognize that in our consumer driven culture, disposable […]


Honest Tea & Natural Grocers Convert Vinyl Ads Into stylish, One-of-a-Kind Yoga Bags

The dedicated staff over at Honest Tea and Natural Grocers have yet again displayed their commitment to sustainability with another project serviced through Ecologic Designs. This time they sought to align the environmental benefits of repurposing materials into upcycled products with the health benefits of yoga. Using leftover vinyl banner material, we were able to produce an impressive number of stylish yoga bags, all utilizing elements of […]