Eco Resources



We encourage you to take a look at these helpful resources as a way to understand current topics, trends and ideas shaping sustainablitity in modern business practice. 



B Corp

B corp certification resource for sustainable business practiceB-Corp is a non-profit leading the way in creating an organized system for success and accountability in business. By awarding designated B-corp certifications to qualified candidates, they seek to promote a future where business is used as a force for good. B-corp is recognized for establishing the triple-bottom-line approach to corporate success and sustainability, whereby people and planet are considered equally important to profit.  Esquire Magazine reported that, “B corps might turn out to be like civil rights for blacks or voting rights for women – eccentric, unpopular ideas that took hold and changed the world.” As a B-corp certified company, Ecologic Designs is proud to be participating in progressive, thought provoking movements that are changing the business world. Look to the crew at B Corp as an important resource for any questions you may have about how to make your business perform more sustainably. 


Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

GRI global reporting innitiative Ecologic Designs resourcesSince the late 1990’s, GRI has pioneered sustainability reporting from an extracurricular business practice into a modern necessity. As an independent organization, GRI seeks to work with businesses, governments and a variety of other organizations to understand the impacts they make on critical sustainability issues. The goal being to empower informed decision-making and create a global perspective favoring positive change in the business world.   




  Earth 911

Earth 911 Eco Rescource Ecologic Designs Upcycled Promotional productsEarth 911 is the perfect resource to find information on the green topics and discussions that mean the most to you. They’ve created an insightful platform that has evolved into a thriving community hub. Part blog, part resource library, Earth 911 has played an influential part in spreading the word about new innovations in sustainability, wellness and lifestyle, with the expressed intention of helping their viewers find “their own shade of green”.




Nearly 40 years ago, volunteer members within the community came together toeco-cycle zero waste upcycle resource brainstorm ways to bring innovative recycling solutions to Boulder, CO. In the early days, they were responsible for helping Boulder become one of the first 20 communities in the United States to implement residential curbside recycling. More recently they created CHaRM (Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials), Colorado's first community recycling center for electronic waste and other unusual materials. They’ve created numerous educational programs for schools all over the Front Range, as well as operate a community recycling hotline (303-444-6634) to answer any questions regarding recycling and waste reduction. Today, Eco-cycle is one of the largest non-profit recyclers in the United States with over 750 volunteers nationwide.




Treehugger resource for ecologic designs upcycled sustainableTree Hugger is an up to the minute blog that also writes daily and weekly newsletters seeking to drive sustainability mainstream. With insightful takes on current topics, the staff at Treehugger does well to separate themselves from the obvious stereotypes. Instead, what you have is a group of knowledgeable and devoted sustainability advocates working tirelessly to expand public awareness.   



Outdoor Industry Association – Eco Working Group

Outdoor Industry Association Ecologic Designs resource The Sustainability Working Group, established under the Outdoor Industry Association was created to assist member companies in adopting global environmental and social best practices. They have now created a collaborative movement of over 300 outdoor brands, retailers, suppliers and other stakeholder organizations to offer tools and guidance documents that assist in addressing a variety of supply chain practices. It’s largely due to their positive influence that the outdoor industry is viewed as a leader in responsible business.   



Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)


AASHE_logoAASHE defines sustainability in an inclusive way to incorporate a variety of environmental and social practices making sustainability a priority in higher education. AASHE began serving as the first professional higher education association with the expressed purpose of serving campus sustainability communities nationwide. Since then, they have grown to offer an impressive array of online resources as well as directories to other helpful sites. They are also involved with sustainability tracking and assessment, and have an individual rating system to help schools and organizations evaluate themselves against others.  



Green Sports Alliance

GreenSportsAllianceHeader1502Green Sports Alliance is paving the way for social and environmental responsibility in organized sports. Their mission is to utilize the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where those teams reside. By inspiring sports leagues, teams, and venues to embrace renewable energy, water efficiency, recycling, upcycling, and healthy eating habits they inspire their fans to be educated on these important issues and to implement them when possible in their daily lives. They currently represent more than 300 sports teams and venues from 20 different sports leagues and 14 countries and their website is a valuable resource.