Nike mesenger bag Upcycled by Ecologic Designs

Our Unique Approach

Ecologic Designs offers sustainable product design, manufacturing and recycling services. We work with organizations to manufacture custom products (OEM, private label or co-branded), made from either your scrap materials or materials we've previously reclaimed.

Modern consumers want products that are manufactured responsibly: products that benefit both people and our planet. We see our position as vital to offering consumers and businesses a solution to this demand. At Ecologic Designs, we deliver on our promise of high-quality bags and accessories with a conscious consumer in mind. We do this by upcycling your excess promotional and product waste, or by strategically using discarded materials provided by other businesses in our manufacturing process. In working with a variety of industry leaders, it has become clear to us that the assurance of knowing products we purchase as consumers are responsibly made is increasingly tied to ongoing perceptions of brand identity.

The development of our own unique brand identity has been dependent on a continuous education in the effectiveness of our business model and its impacts. Through constant verification and certification by leading business accountability groups, we’ve been able to confidently assert our approach to sustainability is at the forefront of business ethics and environmental consideration. Our efforts to become a leading figure in the sustainable promotional products industry means that your work with us comes with the benefit of knowing your product aspirations are being handled by knowledgeable professionals, paving the way within the promotional products industry.   

From our perspective, the value of our service is expressly defined by our ability to assist you in this goal. We see the opportunity for your excess material to carry the weight of your sustainability message. We feel that the hard work and creativity you put into marketing your products shouldn’t end when they’re taken down from view. Our services allow you to create one-of-a-kind products that stand out comfortably on the shoulders and backs of customers, employees and brand ambassadors alike. Using your discarded materials, emblazoned with your own graphics, or materials we sustainably gather with your aesthetic in mind, gives longevity and purpose to expired ad campaigns. In effect, we create a mobile marketing statement about your company's commitment to ecological design solutions.

In addition to diverting materials from the landfill, we manufacture here in the USA, which stimulates the U.S. economy and reduces the negative impacts of globalization. 

Why Ecologic Designs?

  • Sustainable product design and feasibility studies
  • Domestically produced OEM, co-branded and private-labeled merchandise
  • Product story rooted in commitment to economic, social and environmental health
  • Striking product designs deliver functionality and lasting performance
  • Create custom products with Ecologic Designs to increase your organization's triple bottom line

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