Ecologic Designs is raising the bar on manufacturing and recycling: 

Our unique products have an extremely low footprint. At Ecologic Designs we are committed to building your products with the most sustainable methods and as efficiently as possible. This means products are manufactured using upcycled materials that would have otherwise been discarded into a landfill. It also means using technologies that require less energy in their use. We place a great deal of importance on being a “Made in USA” company. Which, apart from helping to keep jobs local, means we can increase efficiency since our manufacturing is done here in Boulder, CO. The result is also a near elimination of carbon emissions resulting from product transportation. Furthermore, we work hand in hand with our community, and others around the country, to create places for consumers and businesses to dispose of materials proven difficult to recycle.  Ultimately, our goal is to extend those manufacturing principles to match your sustainability goals, and in doing so make a positive contribution toward environmentally sustainable business solutions. By the time your product is completed, you can rest assured that it has been vetted by industry professionals whose primary mission is to help build a better world through sustainable manufacturing practices.

We are an international award-winning company that produces everything domestically in the USA. 
For clients with ambitious goals, adapting an existing product can be a cost- and time-efficient approach to engaging the marketplace.

We're happy to customize our stock products for you, or develop a completely custom design.  


The manufacturing process for messenger bags made from repurposed billboard:

(1) The original billboard 



(2) Cleaning, cutting and sewing. 




(3) Custom screenprinting, patches, woven labels, and hangtags are available.




(4) The Final Product



Here is a short video showing the sewing of some of our messenger bags.