What materials can be upcycled for production?

  • Billboards, Banners, and Tradeshow Vinyl (w/ and w/o Scrim)​.

    • Heavier 13-18oz weight is preferred because it is the most durable.

    • Lighter 8oz vinyl can be used, but is suggested for only tote bags

  • Truck Tarpaulin

  • Cloth/fabric Banners

  • Tyvek Fabric

  • Woven Nylon Fabric

    • Neoprene Wetsuits

      ​Thinner than 5mm*

  • Inflatable Raft Vinyl

  • Bike, Car, Truck, Tractor Rubber Inner Tubes

  • Sheet Rubber

  • Sheet Neoprene

  • Almost any fabric that can be sewn


What customization options are available?

  • Learn more about our custom design process and options here.


How do I send my organization's artwork?

  • Please submit your logo or other artwork in a vector-based format such as .ai, .pdf, or .eps.


How long does it take to complete a product?

  • Our standard lead time is 6 – 8 weeks for production. Times can vary depending on the level of customization for products.

  • Project start date begins when we have received your 50% deposit, your artwork, and your materials (if you're providing them).


How will I be billed?

  • We require a 50% deposit to begin production, and 50% plus shipping due upon release of shipment.


Is there a minimum order quantity/ cost?

  • Minimum order quantity from our stock items is $1500.

  • Minimum order quantity for products that require custom design, prototyping, and pattern making is $4000.​


What does production look like?

  • Read more about our manufacturing processes here.


If we are sending in material, what condition can it be in?

  • Vinyls accepted can range from 10-22 oz, with durability increasing with weight.

  • Dynamic climbing ropes are ideal.

  • Wetsuits and Neoprene cannot be thicker than 5mm.


How does shipping work?

  • Your organization is responsible for the shipment of materials.

  • When sending the completed product, freight carrier or shipping account can be specified, otherwise we use UPS.

  • Labeling your shipping materials- with organization name- is of high importance as we receive many shipments.


How do I ship vinyl?

  • EIther roll vinyl onto a tube, or roll it and insert it into a shipping tube.