Project Steps and FAQs

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Guidelines



What products are you interested in for your project?


Stock Products
– You choose a design from our catalog for production.




Custom Designed Products
– You have a unique concept that requires design.

What materials can be upcycled for production?

  • Billboards, Banners, and Tradeshow Vinyl (w/ and w/o Scrim)

    • ​Heavier 13-18oz weight is preferred for most durability
    • Lighter 8oz vinyl can be used, but is suggested for only tote bags
  • Truck Tarpaulin
  • Cloth/fabric Banners
  • Tyvek Fabric
  • Woven Nylon Fabric
  • Neoprene Wetsuits
    • ​Thinner than 5mm*
  • Inflatable Raft Vinyl
  • Bike, Car, Truck, Tractor Rubber Inner Tubes
  • Sheet Rubber
  • Sheet Neoprene
  • Almost any fabric that can be sewn

Will your organization be supplying raw materials (see above) for custom production?

If so, what type of material do you have?

If you plan to donate raw materials:
The variety of products made will depend on what you provide.


What quantity of material do you have?

Send us dimensions -length x width and/or square footage- of your material. 
Doing so will aid the production process. 


What condition is the material?

Vinyls accepted can range from 10-22 oz, with durability increasing with weight. 

Dynamic climbing ropes are ideal.

Wetsuit and Neoprene cannot be thicker than 5mm.


When can you ship these materials?

Your organization will pay for shipment of your materials.

* If you're providing the material, we cannot guarantee final quantities until your material has been received and processed, due to its variable nature.

  • Labeling your shipping materials -with organization name- is of high importance as we recieve many shipments.
  • When shipping, please either:
     roll vinyl onto a tube, or roll it and insert into a shipping tube.

How often does your organization go through this material?

Quantifying how often these materials are used by your organization, will enable us to plan and schedule continued production, if desired.


What does production look like?

Read more about our manufacturing processes here.

Will Ecologic Design's be supplying upcycled materials for production?

If so, what materials would you like to use?

See list above for Up-cycled and recycled materials


What customization options are available?

 Learn more about our custom design process and options here.


How should I send my organization's artwork?

Please submit your logo or other artwork in a vector-based format such as .ai, .pdf, or .eps.


When do you need completed products/when is your event?

Our standard lead time is 6 – 8 weeks for production. Times can vary depending on the level of customization for products.

Project start date begins when we have a received your 50% prepayment, your artwork, and your materials (if you're providing them).


How will I be billed?

We require a 50% prepayment to begin production, and 50% plus shipping due upon release of shipment.

Minimum order quantity from our stock items is $1500.

Minimum order quantity for products that require custom design, prototyping, and pattern making is $4000.





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