We Enhance Sustainability through Banner into Bag Transformation
As an all-inclusive product design and manufacturing solution provider. We help our partners adopt sustainability. Reusing materials like Banner Into Bags that serve promotional swag or can become new products; experience our innovative Banner into Bag transformation with us!
Ecologic Design
Custom Design
At Ecologic Designs, in-house designers translate client concepts into realities.

From concept sketches and mock ups to fully functional prototypes. We offer full soft goods product design and development. Whether your product is made from repurposed or conventional materials. We design around complex challenges few other manufacturers are willing to accept.

Ecologic Manufacturing
We build custom products in America. If you dream the product, we will deliver.

Because few manufacturers accept our non-traditional materials, we have gone to great lengths to vet and train our cut and sew facilities. The results speak for themselves. The one-off products coming out of these manufacturers constantly exceed our high expectations.

Upcycling and Recycling
Divert tons of waste from the landfill with our upcycling programs.

Our experts analyze items and materials your organization would normally dispose of to determine several scenarios of reuse. If there is upcycling potential, we will work with you to setup a recycling program specific to your needs.

Materials we upcycle

We have the capability to repurpose a wide variety of materials. If your materials are not listed, please contact us to discuss the possibility of recycling.

  • printed materialsvinyl banners, billboards, polyester banners, scrim
  • rubberneoprene wetsuits, bicycle inner tubes, truck inner tubes
  • ropenylon climbing ropes, nylon & polyester cordage
  • woven fabricburlap coffee bean bags, burlap potato sacks, brewers grain bags, aquarium salt bags
  • geardecommissioned & returned outdoor backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats,
  • tyvekconstruction site tyvek wraps
details matter
customize your products
Fabric Label

Custom woven fabric labels are attached along the edge or seam of the product.

Room for a logo, tagline, and website.

High denier and custom thread colors.

Transformed from Banner into Bags.

Ecologic Patch

Embroidered, PVC, or silicone patches are attached to any flat surface of the product.

Complex shapes to match your logo’s design.

High-quality custom colors.

Ecologic Print

An inked design is printed on any flat surface of the product

Great for a large logo or design

Pantone color matching

Hang Tag

Paperboard hang tags are attached to each product

Double-sided and color printing options.

Many material choices.

The time is now