Seahawks and fans alike support Local Organizations and Community Programs

Seattle Seahawks gave fans the opportunity to help support local charities in the month of December and launched a campaign aimed to provide outreach, housing, and prevention services to homeless and at-risk youth, along with funding towards the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


Ecologic Designs built an exclusive, upcycled tote bag from Seahawks event banners. All proceeds from the sale of the totes went to support the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

[WSCADV] improves how communities respond to domestic violence and work to create a social intolerance for abuse. Their work includes research, training and technical assistance, producing educational tools, promoting domestic violence awareness, and public policy advocacy. To learn more, visit http://wscadv.org/.


Seattle Seahawks Tote Bags


Donations through Seahawks retail stores and Cocoon House were matched by Paul G. Allen, the Team’s owner.

Cocoon House is a non-profit that provides outreach, housing and prevention services to homeless and at-risk youth and their families in Snohomish County. The mission is to empower young people, families, and the community to break the cycle of homelessness through outreach, housing and prevention. Visit http://www.cocoonhouse.org/ for more information.


Project Details

  • Made in the USA; Seattle
  • 500 exclusive Totes upcycled from Seattle Seahawks Banners
  • Custom Hangtag
  • Proceeds used to support the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV).



Alchemy Goods Co-Branded Hangtag

Custom Co-Branded Alchemy Goods and WSCADV Hangtag


Wallets made from Seattle Game Footballs


Click here for the Seahawks Wallet Project