Burton’s US OPEN Materials Given New Life as Upcycled Totebags and Zipper Pouches

Upcycled Gear for
“The World’s Greatest Snowboarding Event”

The 2017 Burton US OPEN saw the sport be pushed to a new level, including:  Mark McMorris‘ backside triple cork 1620 – a trick he’d never done in competition, Anna Gasser‘s flawless run in Women’s Slopestyle, Shaun White‘s return for his 7th total USO win, and Gramatik + Twiddle filling the concert venues to the brim.
Burton USO

After the 2017 Burton US Open was wrapped up, Burton requested that all of their hanging media, mesh, and vinyl sponsor billboards were to be upcycled and given new lives as beautiful and unique products.

Shawn White Soars above crowd. Upcycled Banners along Halfpipe

Shawn White at the 2017 Burton USO

Ecologic Designs upcycled ~8000 SQ. Ft of soft banner and branded billboard material from the event- which you can see along the side of the Half Pipe where Shawn White is seen soaring above the crowd (above).

 Upcycled Soft Burton Fabric

Upcycled Burton Soft Fabric Upcycled Vinyl Billboard


200 Soft Banner Slings, 100 Zipper Pouches, and unique 6 Pack Coolers were created from these upcycled materials for Burton. 


Upcycled Products from Burton Event Materials


If your company or organization has branded media or event materials that can be given a better home than the landfill, Ecologic Designs is here for sustainable solutions!

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Event Re-cap Video